A la carte

Local food is the cornerstone of the Tavern cuisine.
We prepare all our dishes in our own kitchen. The sea salmon comes from From the Arctic Ocean in Norway, otherwise we use only Finnish meat and fish. We get our potatoes and vegetables from local producers. We use only carrageenan-free (E 407) dairy products.

Special diets can be taken into account with most our dishes.
Please ask your waiter.

Rössypottu from Oulu Arctic Food Lab logo 13.20   Tannila reindeer tongue 14.50
~ a plateful of traditional soup made of blood pudding, smoked side of pork, and potatoes with toasted rye bread and butter   ~ boiled and sliced cold reindeer tongue, salad made of fresh champignons, rhubarb compote
Salmon tartar 12.40   Goat cheese salad 9.80
~ raw cured sea salmon, onion, dill and sour cream on white bread, Grandma´s cucumber salad   ~ toasted Finnish goat cheese, salad made of fresh vegetables of the season, Tavern salad dressing
Tavern chicken salad 25.40   Tavern salmon salad 25.40
~ grilled rustic chicken breast, roasted bacon and bread cubes, salad made of fresh vegetables of the season, Caesar dressing   ~ grilled sea salmon, toasted spring onion, cooked organic eggs, salad made of fresh vegetables of the season, herb dressing (during the smoking season the salmon is warm smoked)
Salmon rosettes 26.60   Hunter’s sandwich 26.80
~ raw cured sea salmon, creamy false morel stew, herb potatoes   ~ grilled pork sirloin steak and creamy wild mushroom stew on white bread, salad made of fresh vegetables of the season , Tavern salad dressing
Grandmas Kitchen
Lappish sauteed reindeer 28.80   Reindeer tongue á la Tavern 30.80
~ thin slices of reindeer roast slowly braised in butter, lingonberries, pickled cucumber, buttery mashed potatoes   ~ roasted and sliced reindeer tonque, creamy false morel stew, roasted local root vegetables, herb potatoes
Main Courses
Tavern Pike perch Arctic Food Lab logo 32.60   Tavern beef pan® 29.50
~ lightly breaded pike perch baked in butter, creamy chanterelle sauce, roasted local root vegetables, herb potatoes   ~ sirloin beef and grill butter, breaded pork sirloin beef with Béarnaise sauce, toasted tomato, green beans wrapped in bacon, rustic French fries
Savoy cabbage rolls 28.50   Pikisaari steak 35.50
~ oven cooked Savoy cabbage rolls stuffed with root vegetables, nettle sauce, roasted local root vegetables and herb pearl barley risotto   ~ grilled beef tenderloin steak, Béarnaise sause, toasted sprig onion, roasted local root vegetables, Tavern potato logs
Herb chicken 27.60   Garlic beef 35.50
~ herb marinated rustic chicken breast, cream sauce seasoned with Finnish traditional herbs, roasted local root vegetables, pan fried potatoes   ~ roasted and sliced beef tenderloin, garlic butter, marinated garlic cloves, tomato stuffed with garlic cream cheese, creamy garlic potatoes
Beef minute steak 28.40   Tavern beef 35.80
~ thin grilled sirloin beef, grill butter, salad of fresh vegetables of the season, Tavern salad dressing, rustic French fries   ~ roasted and sliced beef tenderloin, creamy false morel stew, roasted local root vegetables, garlic potatoes
Pikisaari special Arctic Food Lab logo 11.80   Cool temptation 11.20
~ salted liquorice parfait, tar topping, whipped cream   ~ organic strawberry sorbet, fresh strawberries
Moonlight in Oulu 11.50   Kiikeli cream pudding 11.50
~ traditionell vanilla pudding, buckthorn sauce, caramelised oat   ~ sugar roasted cream pudding, cloudberry compote

You can ask the staff for more information on the dishes and ingredients and products that may cause allergies or intolerances.
(Food Information Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011)